Welcome in Paris !
Iron Bikers is dedicated to all the riders who love classic bikes, from the 50’s to the 80’s. Stock bikes, collectors, race bikes from the good old days, but not only. Iron Bikers will welcome also Cafe Racers, Replicas and all kinds of motorbikes built with iron and sweat…
The first Iron BIkers took place on 25 and 26 June 2011, at the circuit Carole in Paris. Nearly 4000 spectators had come to admire 150 machines. There was something for everyone, always with that spirit of friendliness, aesthetics and authenticity that we have so much in heart.
17 June 2012 has been to mark a milestone ... This was the first time in ten years that a 100% motorcycle event has been held on the legendary "circuit de Montlhéry" !
From 2013 to 2015, we are back again in Carole. We've set our goal to fullfill the maximum of riders, with 350 machines on the track. Our next goals are to exceed 6000 visitors, 100 exhibitors and more importantly, to keep the festive spirit and the unique atmosphere that made ​​the success of Iron Bikers.
If you want to be part of the event...
You could ride your « Iron Bike » on the track (click on Participants) the cost is 140 euros plus a 6 euros insurance. No federal licence is needed, five times 20 minutes run in the week-end.
You can visit us, 15 euros is the entry fee. (click on Spectateurs)
You can promote and sell your products in the « vintage village » with other professionals. (click on Exposants).
So, welcome in Paris, Iron Bikers are welcome at Carole !
Ace Cafer at Iron Bikers !
Since the beginning, Ace Cafe London is an integral part of the annual Iron Bikers event.
The Ace Cafe London "Ace Corner" stand, display and presence will include an array of Ace Cafe, Rockers and StoMoCo items together with the critically acclaimed seminal book "Ace Times - Speed thrills and tea spills, a cafe and a culture" by author Mick Duckworth and Paris debut of the all new Ace 75th anniversary CD album, "Ace Cafe The Rock n' Roll Years 1956-62, featuring
28 British and American recordings released in the UK in those legendary years on single, EP and LP - the tracks are rebellious, wild and frantic!
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